Specialist Teachers

Here is our list of specialist training providers and teachers who offer training and support for specific areas of special needs education. 

Note this list does not encompass all the services available and we share the information with the best intentions. Some of the providers have been our guest presenters on our training courses and others we have had the pleasure of working with, or have been recommended to us.

Inclusion Solutions Ltd

Inclusion Solutions Ltd have special education needs advisory teachers and councellors within a wide range of areas of SEND; including Autism, Hearing & Visual Impairment, SLCN, Physical Disabilities, SENCO Support, Behaviour, Emotional & Social Difficulties, Learning Difficulties and more.

Zena Martin - Inclusive Learning North

Zena works with me delivering our SENCO forums and takes the lead on our morning courses; she has had a successful career in primary schools as a Deputy Headteacher, working particularly in the area of whole-school leadership and inclusion.  Zena has now established Inclusive Learning North and shares her expertise more widely in a consultancy and training capacity. She is also an associate lecturer in teacher CPD and Initial Teacher Training. 

Julia Dyer - Children's Physiotherapy Practice

Julia Dyer operates a Children's Physiotherapy Practice in the North of England, offering physiotherapy treatment and specialist assessment for children with developmental and neurological conditions.  They also provide bespoke INSET training to schools around the UK.  Their newsletters are very informative with lots of useful information regarding sensory resources etc. 

We recommend subscribing to Julia Dyer's newsletter.

Here's a copy of her March Newsletter 2019 which includes information about courses running in Spring, Summer and Autumn 2019.

Lynn McCann - Reachout ASC

See Autism link for further information

Janette Wallis - Behaviour Solutions

Janette Wallis of Behaviour Solutions, is a local consultant offering specialist training for pupils with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Katie Nelson - Dyslexia Centre North West

Katies Nelson of Dyslexia Centre North West provides specialist support to schools and parents for children with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia and other learning difficulties.


A team of independent specialists providing S.E.N.D services including specialist assessments, training and consultancy for all establishments - education, workplace or the home.