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Very Useful Resources for SENCO's   

We appreciate that your role as Primary School SENCO is often just one of many responsibilities that you need to handle in your daily school life.  Your time is precious and limited, so here at Inclusive Learning (Lancashire) Ltd we strive to keep on top of all the latest information to support your SENCO role, by providing this USEFUL RESOURCES page.

Here you will find links to UK websites and downloadable documentation provided by national agencies, charities and other support groups which operate to support Inclusion and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in children and their families across the UK.

We can't promise to have everything you'll ever need, however we will aim to keep this page updated regularly, so please keep coming back.

Please let us know if there is a useful resource or website that we've missed.


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DISCLAIMER:  Whilst we strive to keep the information and website links up to date, we are not responsible for any information provided by any of these services other third parties.  Please check with the source providers for any updates on policies or procedures for specific special educational needs and disabilities.